Techno Monk

A Buddhist monk chats on his mobile phone. Phoning in a prayer? Ordering pizza?

It was a cool, damp, and foggy day at the Po Lin monastery on Lantau Island. There were few people about. Just a handful of visitors, a couple of cows (really, there’s lot’s of wild cows on Lantau), and a single monk, busy chatting away on his phone. He paced in the square, walking it’s perimeter for more than a half hour while I watched. He showed little physical emotion and only occasionally raising his voice to what could be heard from my vantage. Whatever the conversation, it was clearly of importance.
No, Buddhist monks are not Quakers. Not even close in physical
appearance or presence. They are usually most well shaven, wear loose fitting saffron robes, and no animal skinks of any kind. When you see one on the street wearing the latest pair of Nike Lebron Soldiers, you know you’re being had. Monks most often possess a quiet and unassuming presence despite being no different than you or me. Yet they take so many of us by surprise when we see them pull out an iPhone 7 Plus, drive off in a Porsche, or park themselves in First Class for a long haul flight. They can be quite interesting characters.